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male celebrityMale Celebrity Smoking

After almost a generation of little to no male celebrity smoking in public, the last several years have seen a return of this old time image. But what is it about male celebrity smoking that seems to be such a draw? And what can be done to prevent a new generation of young boys from emulating their heroes and lighting up?

Part of the allure of smoking among many males is that it is a habit that has been associated with manly endeavors for centuries. Explorers, pioneers, and giants in the business world all had their share of smokers in their midst. When the entertainment industry began to gain so much prominence in the early 20th century, the image of the male star with a cigarette set a standard that many men did their best to copy. Over the years, some of the biggest male stars smoked on screen and off. Coupled with the idea that smoking was good for everything from making the breath sweeter to relieving a headache, it was no wonder that young boys had no problem following right in the footsteps of their favorite male celebrity.
Of course, when the dangers of smoking began to become more of a public matter, male celebrity smoking began to fade out. The days of manly men smoking in television ads were among the first to go. Offering someone a cigarette on screen became less and less common. Male celebrities moved on to other pursuits to boost their images, since male celebrity smoking had become one sure way of appearing to be behind the times.
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However, a new generation of male stars has begun to be seen with cigarettes in between their lips. The well-established dangers to health notwithstanding, some young fans are beginning to do just as their grandfathers did, and pick up their social cues from their favorite male stars. This trend threatens to reverse the slow decline of smoking among teens and young males that we have enjoyed for quite some time.
The solution to this matter is to stop it before things progress any further. Male celebrity smoking must be monitored and if conducted at all, be done in private. Powers that be in studios, as well as agents and others who guide the careers of today’s male celebrities have to reinforce the fact that the example their star is setting by smoking in public is not an acceptable one. The fact that impressionable young fans decide that smoking cannot be that bad if their favorite star likes to smoke cannot be overlooked, or pushed to one side in favor of the freedom of personal expression. When someone chooses to live in the public eye, he gives up part of that right to do whatever he wants. Once this point hits home, perhaps male celebrity smoking will once again subside and the statistics on young smokers will begin to ease down once more.